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Why Choose Genuine Printronix Consumables?

Printronix has been manufacturing market leading line matrix printers for over 40 years. We strive to be the global expert in manufacturing printers and cartridge ribbons, and have a track record to prove it.

The value of an industrial printing solution is measured by the quality and reliability of the output it produces. Therefore, to have a quality and consistent printout, you need high quality and reliable ribbons.

Manufacturing line matrix cartridge ribbons is a highly precise science requiring the correct fabric characteristics and ink chemistry. The method by which third party manufacturers are typically able to produce counterfeit/compatible cartridge ribbons for less cost is simple: they utilize a manufacturing process that incorporates less precision and sub-standard materials. The outcome is often inferior and/or inconsistent printout quality that can result in poor print quality, increased downtime, and costly printer repairs.

Protect Your Interest From Counterfeits

  • The Benefits of Genuine Printronix Supplies

    • Printonix ribbons are backed by the manufacturer warranty
    • Longer Lasting Ink = Provide expected page yield & contribute to a lower cost of ownership
    • Less IT Interventions = Reduce downtime
    • Embedded Microchip = Provide integrated control over the ribbon life, print quality and operating costs
    • Easy, fast & clean change of the ribbons
  • Ensure optimal & reliable printing performance

  • Do not invalidate the printer warranty

  • Do not jeopardize your reputation

The Benefits of Genuine Printronix Supplies

4 Easy Ways To Identify Original Consumables vs. Counterfeits

Step 1

Validate your
sourcing origin

Validate your sourcing origin

  • Check our website for authorized distributors and resellers
  • If you decide to buy from another source, be cautious!!

Step 2

Look at the

Look at the price width=

  • If the price is abnormally low, verify the authenticity of the product – You get what you pay for!

Step 3

Look at the
Logo & packaging

Logo & packaging

  • Look for Printronix logo on the outer carton, carton & cartridge labels
  • The country of origin is Malaysia, not China
  • Look for the “Best used by” date

Step 4

Check print

Check print quality

  • If you experience poor printing performance or notice excessive ink debris, contact us immediately

Why Is It Important to Use Genuine Printronix Ribbons?


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