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P8000 Plus Announcement Brief

Irvine, CA, June 29, 2021 – Today Printronix is announcing our new P8000 Plus series of printers offering improved print quality, optional OpenPrint PDF & PostScript support, optional 802.1X & IPv6 support, and compliance with the latest IEC safety standard. This important announcement enhances the ability for Printronix Line Matrix technology to interface with changing system and network environments, while remaining rooted to the ultra-low operating cost, industrial reliability, and sustainability that only Line Matrix technology can deliver.

Leading supply-chain enterprises around the world have for decades relied on Printronix Line Matrix Printers for printing business critical documents used in the production and movement of goods.  With this latest announcement, Printronix is once again demonstrating its longstanding commitment to Line Matrix technology by ensuring it remains compatible with changing system and network environments, and fully capable of producing high quality text & barcodes … including QR Codes.

The P8000 Plus announcement encompasses ASCII Models P8C15 and P8C20, and Hanzi Models P8PH6, P8CH6, P8ZH6, and P8CH8.  Improved print quality on these models is obtained through the use of hammertips that are approximately 19% smaller.  As a result, text and barcode definition is improved for both single and multi-part printing.  

Businesses intending to migrate to a new ERP or WMS platform in the future can safely invest in the new P8000 Plus, knowing that their new printer(s) can be easily upgraded with Printronix OpenPrint software to enable PDF & PostScript printing.  The OpenPrint upgrade includes 35 PostScript fonts, in addition to support for embedded PDF fonts, and Printronix SureScan for optimal linear barcode readability.  

For businesses who are, or will be, adopting 802.1X and/or IPv6 to take advantage of increased network security, performance, and visibility, P8000 Plus models can be upgraded to allow for connectivity to 802.1X and IPv6 networks.

Consistent with all previous generations of Printronix Line Matrix Printers, the new P8000 Plus models carry forth the legacy of:

  • Ultra-low cost of ownership – Approximately 1/5th the consumables cost per page of laser
  • Unmatched tolerance & dependability within industrial environments – Withstanding heavy-duty usage, extreme temperatures, humidity, and airborne contaminants
  • Highly sustainable – Less energy consumption, greater longevity, and considerably less consumables waste than business class laser printers

The planned General Availability of P8000 Plus models is August 31, 2021. For more information on Printronix P8000 Plus offerings, visit our website at: