Printronix has been manufacturing market leading line matrix printers for over 40 years. We strive to be the global expert in manufacturing printers and cartridge ribbons, and have a track record to prove it.

The value of an industrial printing solution is measured by the quality and reliability of the output it produces. Therefore, to have a quality printout, you need quality ribbons.

Manufacturing line matrix cartridge ribbons is a highly precise science requiring the correct fabric characteristics and ink chemistry. The method by which third party manufacturers are typically able to produce counterfeit/compatible cartridge ribbons for less cost is simple: they utilize a manufacturing process that incorporates less precision and sub-standard materials. The outcome is often inferior and/or inconsistent printout quality that can result in poor print quality, increased downtime, and costly printer repairs.


Why Is It Important to Use Genuine Printronix Ribbons?


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Why Should You Avoid Using Counterfeit or Compatible Ribbons?

  • Counterfeit Ribbons: As the name suggests, counterfeit ribbons are often indistinguishable from the physical appearance, but the performance and print quality is unreliable compared to the Genuine Printronix Ribbon, simply because there is no performance guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Compatible Ribbons: Just like a lot of the private-label products, compatible ribbons may seem more affordable, but the source of raw materials can be inconsistent, often resulting in inconsistent print quality and performance.


Avoid the pitfalls of counterfeited cartridges. Genuine Printronix cartridge ribbons deliver better and more consistent print quality, along with a lower overall total cost of ownership by minimizing downtime and unnecessary repairs.