Printing in manufacturing and logistics

Read the article, interviewing our CEO Werner Heid featured in Business Focus Magazine, titled “For nearly 50 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing.”


Read the article, interviewing our CEO Werner Heid featured in Business Focus Magazine, titled “For nearly 50 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing.”

P8000 Plus Announcement Brief

Date: June 29, 2021 Today Printronix is announcing our new P8000 Plus series of printers offering improved print quality, optional OpenPrint PDF & PostScript support, optional 802.1X & IPv6 support, and compliance with the latest IEC safety standard. This important announcement enhances the ability for Printronix Line Matrix technology to interface with changing system and … Continued

Understanding the true cost of printing

Although there is considerable focus today around cost per page due to the increasing adoption of managed print services, there is little focus on understanding the total cost of printer ownership. When purchasing a new vehicle, it is in our best interest to not only focus on MPG, but also on anticipated maintenance costs, life … Continued

Line Matrix Printers Won’t Let You Down if Temperatures Tip 40°C

Paris, 27 July 2018: In this prolonged hot dry spell, Printronix LLC is reminding businesses that its line matrix industrial printers can withstand temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F), whereas devices like laser printers are highly sensitive to humidity and extremes in temperatures, often causing them to jam or stop working. Xavier Nicolaï, marketing manager … Continued

Line Matrix Printers Meet a Variety of Needs in India’s Life Insurance Industry

Current Situation India’s current population is upwards of 1.3 billion people. With such a large population it is no surprise that there are over twenty life insurance companies spanning the country with thousands of branches. India is projected to be among the top three life insurance markets in the world by 2020 ( In order … Continued

The Benefits of Employing a Line Matrix Printer in the Airline Industry

The airline industry is a vast global operation comprised of thousands of different companies. Many different regulations, laws, inspections and securities are put in place to provide safety to the people and goods being transported around the world. While most people think these safety regulations are focused towards human transportation, the warehousing and cargo facilities are … Continued

Benefits of Line Matrix Printing In Pharmaceutical Distribution

The following offers an explanation of the critical printing elements required in pharmaceutical distribution, and demonstrates solutions for employing Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers. Challenges Distributors in the Pharmaceutical industry are not just about the safe delivery of medicine to patients, but are also required to manage a complex supply chain process between pharmacies, … Continued

P7000 vs. P8000- Why Upgrade?

Printronix P8000 Cartridge Printers Deliver More Value, Enhanced Convenience and Lower Operating Cost. What’s better about the new P8000 Family? Page yield of cartridge ribbons 2.3X = 130% reduction in user intervention (1) Cost per page savings of 25% or more (1) Optional Quick Change Memory Module for immediate backup & recovery Current technology componentry More … Continued

TCO Calculator

Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers provide unrivaled savings on high volume printing, and the TCO Calculator demonstrates the total savings over the life of a project versus using a laser or serial dot matrix printer. Users can select from different regions and currencies, as well as page coverage Compares up to 4 printers total: … Continued

Line Matrix Printers Vs. Laser Printers

Be Sure You’re Using The Right Business Tool For The Job! Line printing offers important advantages over laser printing: Reliability and Durability Productivity and Time Savings Environmental Friendliness Versatility Lower TCO Decreased Costs   4 Reasons to Choose Line Matrix Printers In a world of expensive to maintain laser printers it is smart to consider … Continued

How Line Matrix Technology Reduces Expenses and Meets the Printing Needs of the Financial Services Industry

Many financial institutions rely heavily on form and document tracking for auditing and security purposes, and these exceedingly important documents need to be printed quickly and on demand. Whether important internal documentation is needed or forms dealing with outside cash management and logistics companies need to be produced, high standards must be met. Financial institutions … Continued