Line Matrix vs. Laser

Line Matrix vs. Laser

Line Matrix printers have significant benefits over laser printers in terms of energy savings, cost per page, consumables waste, reliability in industrial environments and media flexibility (multi-part forms, oversize media, peel off labels or card stock).

Every aspect of the line matrix printer is designed to deliver superior reliability, fast throughput, and non-stop performance amidst a wide range of industrial environments (hot, cold, humid, dusty, etc.). The result is a product that lasts longer, demands less user intervention, is more environmentally friendly and provides a substantially lower cost of ownership. See the comparison below:

Printer Components P8000 Line Matrix Laser
Initial acquisition cost Good Excellent
Operating Costs Excellent Poor
Single sheet delivery Yes Yes
Proper functioning in hot/cold or humid/dry Excellent Poor
Resistance to airborne contaminants Excellent Poor
Ruggedness – ability to withstand abuse Excellent Poor
Page volume Unlimited Limited
Barcode quality Good Excellent
Print quality Good Excellent
Suitability for mission critical applications Excellent Good (Depending on Environment)


Benefits of Line Matrix

checkmark  Energy Savings

checkmark  Waste Reduction

checkmark  Can use media with a higher recycled content


checkmark  Dependable operation in industrial settings

checkmark  Support for a wide range of media

checkmark  Ultra low consumables cost per page