Color A4

Printronix LP654C

The Printronix LP654C is the world’s smallest industrial-grade A4 color printer ready to perform at high-speed with high-quality color. The device prints 35 ppm and can manage media weight up to 256 gsm, and up to 1.32 m in length. The LP654C’s innovative space-saving technology includes full front access, allowing the printer to fit and operate in a very tight space, only requiring 2cm space around the sides. Developed with a focus on high reliability and built with the extensive use of high-quality components in place of plastic, this is the most robust printer in its class.

Color A3

Printronix LP844C

The Printronix LP844C is the smallest A3 color printer in the world with a print speed of 36 ppm and is a highly dependable workhorse. The LP844C can print media weights up to 256 gsm and up to29.7cm x 132.1cm. Separate toners and long-life drums enable a high duty cycle and maximum use of consumables ensuring the printer keeps printing and printing, making it ideal for our industrial customers requiring high volumes and high-quality color coverage. In addition to regular paper the printers will work on a wide variety of specialty media like magnetic media, synthetic paper, indoor or outdoor quality label stock with media weights up to 256 gsm and up to 132.1cm long.


Magnetic Media

The Printronix Industrial laser printers are capable of printing directly on in or outdoor quality magnetic media available in various thicknesses and sheet sizes up to 1.32m long.

  • Magnetic color-coded warehouse shelf labels
  • Metal drum magnets
  • Car door magnets

Waterproof Synthetic Media

The Printronix industrial laser printers are ideal to print on a wide range of synthetic media in many sizes and colors and even on permanent or removable self-adhesive. In addition, our customers can print on various indoor and outdoor quality label stock, whether pre-cut sizes or full sheets.

  • Warning labels
  • Distribution racks labels
  • Plastic drum labels
  • Operator instructions/guides
  • GHS Labels

Business Documents

In addition to a wide variety of specialty media, the Printronix industrial laser printers can also print a variation of business documents like:

  • Warehouse color coded picking tickets
  • Invoices
  • Packing documents
  • Medical forms
  • Banners up to 52” (132.1cm)


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