“The result was overwhelming. Not only in the robustness and frugality did the Printronix workhorses score high marks, but also in the quality and ease of maintenance – not to mention the unbeatable price per page, which can be reduced even further by using the new ribbon cartridge.” - Gerd Como, Sales Director at the German-wide acting SA.S.S. Datentechnik AG from Gilching.

The Problem

The Problem

Printing an extremely large amount of delivery notes and invoices within the shortest time possible at the lowest cost per page, due to very stringent customer delivery timelines.


The pharmaceutical wholesale market is not a classic Just-in-time inventory model with the motto, ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow,’ but instead works within an extremely tight time window, from ordering through to delivery up to the final destination of the goods to the customer in a few hours

Our Solution

PHOENIX selected the Printronix P7220C Line Matrix printer with ribbon cartridge technology, in order to achieve the following:

  • Highly reliable printers compared to other tested technologies
  • Fast printing speed
  • Sturdy printers
  • Very easy to handle when replacing consumables
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lowest printing costs
Our Solution

The Results

As part of the continuous enhancements, Printronix Line Matrix printers are now replacing laser printers at PHOENIX. The advantage of the cartridge technology compared to the previous package ribbon is that it can be easily replaced without much trouble.

The required delivery notes and invoices are created by one of the configured Printronix P7220 Line Matrix printers located at the warehouses’ identification point. Depending on the size and order volume of the Distribution Centre, several hundred thousand pieces could be printed per month.