“The P7200 High Definition with OpenPrint technology is extremely suitable for the needs of Internorm, because it quickly, quietly and cost-efficiently prints delivery notes with scannable barcodes” – Michael Stocker, Shipping Key-User Internorm International GmbH Traun.

The Challenge

The Challenge

At the distribution center in Traun, the products from all manufacturing plants are loaded and shipped in about 40 containers a day. A delivery note with barcode ensures that the correct window arrives at the intended dealer. The driver uses them to jot down all incidents and to receive the customer’s signature after the delivery. Internorm films and archives the carbon copy of the bill of each delivery after manually capturing the order number in each document.

Our Solution

Internorm needed to simplify the archiving of delivery notes, along with ensuring reliable barcode printing on blank delivery notes. Additionally, Internorm had to note the order number manually per document; so reliable barcodes were needed to be printed on each delivery note.

As such, Internorm selected the P7200 High Definition Cartridge Line Matrix Printer with OpenPrint Technology, achieving the following benefits:

  • Scannable barcodes with guaranteed success
  • PostScript and PDF line matrix printer
  • Very high printing speed
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to handle when re-placing consumables
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long product life cycle
  • Lowest printing costs
Our Solution

The Results

The versatility and reliability of our new line matrix printers with Open-Print convinced decision makers and IT experts at Internorm. For this purpose, Internorm relies on the world’s first PDF Line Matrix Printer, the P7200HD with Open-Print technology from Printronix.