"Since the Printronix printers have been installed, the operators have been able to print far more pages faster and at much better quality."

Printronix printers make fast work of processing

When your vision is to be the first choice supply chain provider, you need efficient technology and processes to enable you to keep responding effectively to customers’ changing needs.

Logidis Ltd an IBL Group company is also known as the Warehousing & Transport Specialist. Operational since 2003, the company employs above 300 people and offers a wide variety of services including warehousing, distribution, transport, taxi services, development and consultancy. With its unique business model, Logidis is today leader in the warehousing and transport sector.

Over the past years, Logidis has invested in new technologies and continue to innovate in order to respond effectively to the ever changing customers’ demand. In addition, the company also holds international standards.

Extreme storage requires extreme solutions

Logidis provides storage facilities for a wide range of products from dry, frozen, chilled to pharmaceutical. In such a demanding environment like this, reliability of back office equipment is vital, devices should cope with extremes in temperature, particularly in the controlled and frozen storage areas where temperatures can range from a chilly 0°C to a frozen -23°C. In January 2017, Logidis has selected Printronix line matrix printers to cope with the heavy-duty demands of the warehouse and distribution areas. Continue Reading..