"Printronix printers are ideal, they offer the best performance, and are the most cost effective, when compared with others”

For 60 years Italian company Disano Illuminazione has been producing and selling classic lighting and LED solutions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It employs over 700 people across its enterprise.

It produces solutions such as track systems, floodlights, down lights, fluorescents and wall appliques, as well as offering technical and regulatory support for lighting projects. Its fixtures are specified by architects, designers, installers and distributors across both indoor and outdoor applications.

Disano’s lighting solutions are used in industrial and residential areas, retail outlets, offices, street lighting, sports facilities, and hospitals. Fosnova S.r.l, a division of the Disano Group, specialises in producing quality lighting for historical locations, churches and ancient monuments.

Production and distribution depend on speed and reliability

Disano’s manufacturing plants are extensive, including 15,000 square metres at Rozzano near Milan and 48,612 square metres in Dorno, Pavia, plus Illuminacion Disano’s 11,850 square metres in the Tarragona region of Spain.

To ensure the constant availability and reliable delivery of its products, Disano has invested in a sophisticated distribution network. This includes a completely automated finished products warehousing facility covering more than 16,000 square metres at Dorno. This centre can handle some 22,500 pallets while the highly automated finished products area in Roda de Bara, Spain can handle a further 6,360 pallets.

Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to market demand depends on reliable and fast back office devices such as industrial printers. These are used in production areas for custom labelling and in accounting departments for SAP reporting.

Best for continuous printing

Disano first started using Printronix line matrix devices back in the 1990s because they were compatible with its existing software management.

The company values the speed and reliability of Printronix printers and has continued to upgrade with the same technology ever since.

Disano is very satisfied with the benefits of line matrix printers and they claim they will continue using this ‘legacy’ technology for the foreseeable future: “Printronix printers are ideal, they offer the best performance, and are the most cost effective, when compared with others”.

Disano has a variety of Printronix printers, including P5210, P7215 and P8215, which print easy-to-read tabs in B3 size and labels on pre-scaled continuous forms. The company prints on different continuous forms such as 132 x 66mm, 198 x 66 mm, and 14” x 12” multi-point labels. Continue reading the full story by clicking here.