Executive Leadership Team

  • Wui Kian Tay

    For the past 30+ years Wui Kian has accumulated in-depth experience in both Research & Development and Operations with leading global companies. Wui Kian started…

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    Wui Kian Tay

    Senior Vice President of Operations

  • Werner Heid

    Werner Heid, an expert in engineering, sales and marketing in the printing industry, is the Chief Executive Officer at Printronix.  Prior to joining Printronix, Werner held a…

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    Werner Heid

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Tobin

    Mark Tobin, an expert in global finance and strategy, is the Chief Financial Officer at Printronix. Prior to his current position, Mark served as our…

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    Mark Tobin

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Marlon Woolforde

    Marlon Woolforde, an expert in driving and growing business, is Vice President  & GM, Global Products at Printronix. He is responsible for leading global product…

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    Marlon Woolforde

    Vice President & GM, Global Products

  • Rosemarie Zito

    Rosemarie Zito, an expert in European markets, is Vice President of EMEA Sales and Marketing at Printronix. In 1999, she started with the company at…

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    Rosemarie Zito

    Vice President of EMEA Sales and Marketing

  • Ron Gillies

    Ron Gillies, an expert in sales and channel marketing, is Vice President of Americas Sales and Marketing at Printronix. He leads our sales, channel marketing,…

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    Ron Gillies

    Vice President of Americas Sales and Marketing