Line Matrix vs. Serial Dot Matrix

Line Matrix vs. Serial Dot Matrix

Buying a line printer instead of a serial matrix printer has significant benefits, both in terms of operating cost and reliability. A line matrix printer represents a significant upgrade in equipment quality.

Every aspect of the line matrix printer is designed to deliver higher reliability, faster throughput, and greater resistance to rough handling and varying environmental conditions. Additionally, investing in line matrix is a smart financial choice as not only will it outlast a serial printer, but will also demand less user intervention and in most cases will yield a lower overall cost of ownership. See the comparison below:

Printer ComponentsP8000 Line MatrixDot Matrix or Serial Matrix
Initial acquisition costGoodExcellent
Operating CostsExcellentPoor
Single sheet deliveryYesYes
Proper functioning in hot/cold or humid/dryExcellentGood
Resistance to airborne contaminantsExcellentGood
Ruggedness – ability to withstand abuseExcellentPoor
Page volumeUnlimitedLimited
Print qualityGoodGood
Suitability for mission critical applicationsExcellentGood

Benefits of Line Matrix

checkmark  Improved up time

checkmark  More reliable forms handling


checkmark  Dramatic reduction in repairs and service calls

checkmark  Lower consumables cost per page


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