Line Matrix Printers vs. Serial Dot Matrix Printers

Buying a line matrix printer instead of a dot matrix printer, serial matrix printer, or band printer has significant benefits, both in terms of cost and reliability. A line matrix printer represents a significant upgrade in equipment quality. Every aspect of the line matrix printer is designed to deliver higher reliability, faster throughput, and greater resistance to rough handling and hazardous environmental conditions. A smart financial choice, line matrix provides lower cost over the life of the product.

In production environments consumable costs dominate the total cost of ownership. As your printing volume increases, line matrix’s consumable savings grow dramatically. These costs do not even include the lost productivity costs when changing print heads and cartridges or when the printer is down for servicing. Dot matrix printers employ expensive cartridge ribbons and print heads which are consumed in the printing process.

Line Printer benefits include:

  • Improved up time
  • More reliable forms handling
  • Dramatic reduction in repairs and service calls
  • Lower cost of consumables and spare parts
  • Lower labor costs due to dot matrix printer handling requirements